Leonora Sisto Ballvé

Personal details
Born May 21st 1961 in Mexico City

Education and qualifications
BA in Graphic Design specializing in illustration, Iberoamericana University at Mexico City, 1980-1985
Member of: The Mexican Society of Authors of Visual Arts (SOMAAP), The Association of Artists of Mexico AC (ARTAC) and World Council of Visual Artists (COMAV).

IX Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art. Lorenzo the Magnificent Award Third place in the category Mixed Media
Finalist in the Royal Rodin and talents contest works exhibited in EL MUNAL
Second place in the First Contemporary Art Biennial, Buenos Aires, Argentina

World Day of Art, Cultural Center of Contemporary Mexico, April 12
World Day of Art, National Lottery, Mexico DF from 14 to 30 April
World Day Art, Gallery Aguafuerte, 1 to 20 and April
Water that moves to Mexico, San Pedro Museum, Puebla, from 19 March to 20 April
4th Chamber naked, Kullins Gallery Yuri Lopez, from 14 to 25 February
The IX Florence Biennale , Fortezza da Basso Firenze. November 30 to December 8, 2013.
The 4th Painting and Mixed Media Competition, Lessedra , Art Gallery, Bulgaria December 11, 2013 February 15, 2014.
7 Delusions , Gallery El Carmen , San Jacinto Plaza. Mexico DF November 28.
Two small-format , Yuri López Gallery Kullins November 15 to December 15.
X Anniversary Chart Archive , Mexico Instituto Cultural Israel AC 6 to 26 Ooctober
Teterias, Bust in clay exhibition and auction, traveling exhibition, October to January 2014.
For love, madness, and death fantasies, Art Code 7 Donceles 66, Mexico DF September 28.
Rodin and Royal talents contest finalists EL MUNAL, National Museum of Art Mexico City September 25 to October 25.
Red, Hotel El Prado, Mexico DF September 5 to 30.
The Elements, Yuri López Kullins Gallery, Mexico DF August 29th to September.
World's Voice Foundation A.C. and the museum "La Fortaleza" Indian Emilio Fernández.” Festival Frida Kahlo June 15, 16.
First class Art and Culture, 147 Altavista, May 15 to 30.
Art Day, Valle de Mexico University, Tlalpan campus, April 15.
Art Expo, New York City, March 21 to 24.
“Beyond Art” collective exhibition, Casino San Angel, March 14-15, Mexico City.
“Women 100 x 00”, Valkah Roma art café-gallery, March 8, Mexico City.
“Women, Divine Inspiration”, Centeno STUNAM Gallery, March 7, Mexico City.
First Contemporary Art Biennial, October 3-10, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
“Colors that Talk” collective exhibition, Grand Pedregal, August 31-September 2, Mexico City.
“Beyond Art” collective exhibition, Casino San Angel, March, Mexico City.